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DCC Winter Hours

As the weather turns cold and the days for golf become few and far between, the DCC will be moving to its Winter hours schedule. Starting November 13th the DCC will be operating under the following schedule:

Sunday: Closed*

Monday: Closed*

Tuesday: Closed*

Wednesday: Lounge & Dining Room open at 4:00pm

Thursday: Lounge & Dining Room open at 4:00pm

Friday: Lounge & Dining Room open at 11:00am

Saturday: Lounge & Dining Room open at 10:30am

* The DCC will still be open for special events scheduled outside of these hours and on days listed as “closed”.

Also, during the Winter schedule the Pro Shop will be open through December 23rd and on days of nicer weather that the course is playable. Please call the Pro Shop to book a tee time and verify the course is open for play. The Driving Range will be closed for the season on November 15th.

Thank you for a great 2016 season!

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