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Court Sports

Adult Programs

Sand Volleyball

  • Summer Leagues

    • Competitive & Recreational

  • Member & Non Member rates

  • Volleyballs available at the front desk

  • Raquets & Birdies available at the front desk


10 Racquetball courts

Fall, Winter/Spring Leagues are available

Levels - Novice to Open, for men, women and juniors

Racquets and eye guards available at front desk

Lessons are available; see front desk

Paddleball and Squash are also available

  • 2 - Half Courts (raquetball courts)


A game similar to volleyball played on a four wall-walled court with a ball the same size as a volleyball that is allowed to bounce off of the walls before being returned over the net.

  • 10 Courts

  • Open-Play anytime

  • Fall & Winter Leagues

  • Member and Non-Member rates

Table Tennis
  • Tables & Paddles available

  • Lessons available for Member & Non-Member rates

Jon Bosika

Jon Bosika is our Table Tennis coach. He has one of longest coaching careers in the United States


Jon's Achievements Include:

  • 1996 U.S Women's Olympic Coach

  • Yugoslavia National Junior Team Coach

  • Coach/Trainer of Olympic and World Medalist llija Lupulesku

Kids Programs

Ping Pong

Ping Pong (Table Tennis) is perplexing to watch for the kids. They ask, "Why can't he return that simple slow serve? How come it flies here one time, and the other direction next time?" Scratch their itch by introducing them to the wonderful sport of ping pong. The game that trains reflexes, quick thinking and fitness.


Learn the basic rules and fundementals of ping pong.

  • This program is for ages 4-12 years

  • It runs for six weeks

  • Offered to members and non-members

  • Sign up at our front desk

  • Equipment provided

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