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Spring Scramble Winners

We had wonderful weather and a great turnout for the Men's and Ladies Spring Scramble.

Below are the results:


1st Place: Darci Stocker, Lynn Peters, Windi Plantz, Elena Bisbee (70)

2nd Place: Debbie Hutton, Marie Grogitsky, Jean Hunsberger, Nancy Fenner (73)

3rd Place: Tammy Clarkson, Ellen Leffler, Anne Stefanko, Paula Stefanko (75)


1st Place: Jeff Streng, John Jamison, Jim Bruton, Pat O'Callaghan (63, won playoff))

2nd Place: Ryan Minto, John Pratt, John Bastianelli, Bill Kerr (63)

3rd Place: Jake Thompson, Wade Lassiter, Lou Stefanko, Glenn Foldie (64)

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