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The 2016 Men's Invitational was One for the Ages

2016 Derby Hole #16

The 2016 Men's Invitational is in the books and what an outstanding week of golf it was! The weather was perfect, the course was pristine, and the competition was fun and exciting. Below are the results for each flight as well as the Derby.

Flight #1:

1st - Mike Crane/Mike Wenglikowski

2nd - Jimmy Jarman/Ryan Ouellette

Flight #2:

1st - Kyle McInerney/Kevin McInerney

2nd - Steve Presser/Jim Callis

Flight #3:

1st - Jeff Spooner/Brian Jackman

2nd - Steve Payton/Gregg McGrail

Flight #4:

1st - Josh Morris/Don Smith

2nd - Mike Grogitsky/Kim Raley

Flight #5:

1st - Craig Gist/Bruce Williams

2nd - Mike Leffler/Larry Baylis

Flight #6:

1st - Paul Palawski/Kipp Stewart

2nd - John Bastianelli/Tim Spencer

Flight #7:

1st - Pete Shipman/Matt Krusniak

2nd - Jim Adkisson/Tom Gisewhite

Flight #8

1st - Todd Ferguson/Jeff Jozwiak

2nd - Tony Montgomery/Dan O'Donnell


1st - Jerry Hanks/Mike Grace

2nd - Ron Stephens/Andrew Unverzagt

3rd - Mike Crane/Ryan Ouellette

Congratulations to all!

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