DCC Invitational Results

July 19, 2017

The Invitational tournaments for both the ladies and men have come and gone for another year and, as always, were a lot of fun for everyone.  Thank you to all of the participants, sponsors, and volunteers for making these events such a huge success.  Below you will find a list of the flight winners for both events. Congratulations to all of the flight winners!


2017 Ladies Invitational Results:


              1st Flight                                                                                2nd Flight

1st      Tammie Nix                                                                 1st    Kristine Menzing

            Mary Lamere                                                                         Kari Morris

            Laurie Labean                                                                       Cristina Holman

            Liz Endicott                                                                            Jamie Coselman


2nd    Ashley Swanson                                                          2nd   Michelle Minto

           Windi Plantz                                                                           Heather Barber

           Lynn Palovich                                                                         Kellie Demerritt

           Dawn Tageson                                                                       Jennifer Johnson


3rd     Lynn Peters                                                                  3rd   Melissa Barraco

           Jennifer Mead                                                                        Shelly Brookshire

           Ava Moore                                                                             Kaylee Brookshire

           Liz Francis                                                                              Lisa Konieczka

2017 Men's Invitational Results:


                 1st Flight                                                                                   2nd Flight

1st        Bob Georges - Tony Hargraves                                 1st      Jerry Hanks - Mike Adams

T-2nd    Jeff Bisbee - Tom Bowles                                           2nd    Michael Crane - Bob Johnson

T-2nd   Ken Savage - Steve Presser                                        3rd     Tim Jarman - Jim Delair


                 3rd Flight                                                                                   4th Flight

1st        Matt Thompson - Wally Szunko                                 1st      Bill Dowdall - Tom Campbell

2nd       Mike Grogitsky - Kim Raley                                         2nd    Jimmy Jarman - Jason Eickhoff

3rd        Les Amon - John Amon                                               3rd     Jim Adkisson - Tom Gisewhite


                 5th Flight                                                                                    6th Flight

1st         John Gregus - Eddie Meeks                                        1st      Todd Ferguson - Keith Poniers

2nd       Terry Nix - Gary Mayer                                                2nd     John Jamison - John Chasnis

3rd        Paul Palawski - Kip Stewart                                        3rd      John Bastianelli - Tim Spencer


                 7th Flight

1st         Phil Prince - Tony Greenway

2nd        Bruce Williams - Todd Parkinson   

3rd         Scott Poisson - Kevin Martini







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